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Yo this is the Hetalia OC sheet if you'd like to join the rp chat just fill this out and Misery or  I shall get to this as soon as we can.

Country Name: (I don't care if its made up)
Real Name:
pets/ special items: 
family(if any): 
crush(we don't do main pairings but I will do character x oc but don't get mad when someone else is with that character. ):
RP example:

Fill this out and don't be shy it'll be fun~! Thanks
The Hetalia OC character sheet.
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skyrimwolf11 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
This is a country I made up as a kid, so she is a bit different then ya!

Country Name: Zeroria

Real Name: Silvia Green

Hair: Has a silver like color in sunlight

Eyes: They are deep green with a streak of silver in her left eye

Skin: Her skin is a pale shade

Pets/special animals: I wouldn't dare make them classified as 'animals') TreePeople, SkyPeople, Healers, Slitherin (snake people), Trolls, Giants, (other, imaginary animals but those are the main ones)

Family: She left her family so she could become her own country but her brother would be America.

Crush: (I don't know about her so im going by me...) Japan

Personality: She is strong and independent, but if she see's a frown she will don anything to make that person smile. She loves and cares for animals, and is quite distant from the other countries, more hidden then see. She can be vicious if needed to protect her subjects. Loving and caring, as well as, strong and brutal. Her brutal side is rarely shown except for the rare occasions of battle, they have one enemy, but they win most battles due to her Giants. She is a very,very loyal friend and won't abandon ANYONE ever.

RP example: She walked across her land passing tiny creatures who flew high in the trees. She spotted the one with the crown, the princess, and she flew down to her. The little TreePerson looked up at her her green eyes shinning, unlike most TreePeople she wore a long dress instead of a battle outfit, like most do, for some reason unknown. She giggled at the small girl, and she pouted at her, she shushed herself and the TreePerson flew off, the jems in her crown glittering in the sunlight. She kept on walking and a SkyPerson zoomed right up to her and flew a few inches infront of her, this girl wore a short skirt that was platted metal with long leg guards not letting any skin show only metal, her top was a platted chess guard that also protected her upper half, she had a knight helmet on but the front was lifted to reveal her face and her sky blue eyes were clouded with worry, she spoke frantically her long sword glistening in the sun as she spoke "The bats have attacked again, we will take care of it, but may we have your assistance in the form of your magic creatures?" She nodded in silence and formed a big bird in her hands which turned real in moments and it went to aid the SkyPeople which obviously gave them the upper hand. "THANK YOU, SILVIA!" cheered the Skyperson, as she flew off into a thick battle, but only seemed to be a circle in the sky of bats, to normal humans. She turned her head when she heard a hisss, and saw the one and only king of the Slitherin, they 'worked together' but they have done many things to Zeroria in the past, and were not considered a country anymore, there name even forgotten, but Zeroria let them keep there land, though she could have taken it. The king spoke "Oh my dear Sssssilvia, my people are sorry for siras actions please, forgive us and let us expand our land" She growled, "you may do as you wish, but if you slither onto my land once, your heads will be on the great wall in my castle" the King let out a hiss and slithered off. This was a normal day for her, and nothing ever really happened, she had heard of World Meetings, but had never been to one before, she was never invited, and never wanted to intrude on the known countries tails, she did fine in the shadows, she had lasted many years now, more then her brother, as a country and was fine alone.
Artiste03 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
*Sigh* So We Can Make One Up~?

Country Name: Talvakia 
Real Name: Alice "South" Vargas [ First Name Is Pronounced ah-LEE-che]
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Reddish-Gold
Skin: Lightly Tan
pets/ special items: A Cat Named Chiaro Di Luna [Moonlight] 
family(if any): The Vargas Twins
crush(we don't do main pairings but I will do character x oc but don't get mad when someone else is with that character. ) : LAWL NOPE~
Personality: Mostly Happy But Can Get Ticked Off Very Easily And Her Mood Changes A Lot.
RP example: Alice (Nicknamed South) Groaned And Fumbled For Her Phone, Trying Top Make The Loud Beeping Stop. After A minute She Finally Found It And Groggily Got Up, Waking Up chiaro di luna In The Process. "Buongiorno Luna ~ [Good Morning Moon]" She Said As She Stretched.

Sorry if Its Too Much, I Can Dial Down The Effect I Put In The Rp Preview Thing, I Do Rps A Lot And Wright Fan Fics For Hetalia ^.^"
imacrazygirl17 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
Country Name: Kansas
Real Name: Kola K,Jones
Hair: Spiky Black <--- Yes odd for a girl
Eye: Left Red, Right Blue
Skin: Pale kind of rosey
Pet/Special item: Her pet buffalo Buffy and Meadowlark Meadow, Her hatchet.
Family: America (Dad) and the other 50 States (brothers and sisters) and Canada (Uncle).
Crushes: None
Personality: Shy Nervous, she don't talk much she tends to talk quietly and in a stutter she loves to sing, she has a scar over her left eye from "Bleeding Kansas". When time calls for it she can be very out spoken and stand up for her self she hates fights.
Rp Example:

Kola: *laying down on a park bench holding her teddy close*

Canada: K..Kansas what? *shakes her* Wake up you can't sleep their someone might take you

Kola: H....H..Huh? w..what? *looks at Canada* O..Oh H..Howdy uncle Canada

Canada: *sighs softly and sits with her.

sorry if its bad
AskArianaJones Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Country Name: Arizona
Real Name: Ariana Jones
Hair: Auburn/Ginger
Eyes: Turquoise-y Blue
Skin: Slightly tan
Pets/ Special items: A cowboy hat she got from America, and she has a pet cactus named Mr. Cactus
Family(if any): America and Canada (Older Brothers)
crush(we don't do main pairings but I will do character x oc but don't get mad when someone else is with that character. ): England
Personality: She is very bubbly and cheerful to anyone, and could be called naive since in some areas, she is quite clueless. However, she isn't afraid of a little rowdiness, so gets on with Prussia quite well, and admires her big brother America, calling him her hero when he is upset. She also yells at anyone who doesn't notice Canada, and is very protective of him. She has a temper that flares quickly if anybody insults her friends or family, but is surprisingly calm when some other countries insult her for being at the meetings while not a country. Overall, she is an extremely likeable girl with a passion for singing rock and country.
RP example: 'Miss Jones, a, uh, Mr. Alfred Jones here to see you..'
Ariana grinned. She adored her brother, and hated that he didn't visit that often. He said it was too warm, but she just teased him, saying he couldn't bare the heat.
She wrapped her arms around him, a little too passionately, and knocked them both to the floor with her enthusiasm.
'So, how ya been sis?' Alfred grinned, looking down at his sister, ruffling her orange curls.
'Same ol', same ol'!'

I hope states are allowed as OC's because it says country names, but states and cities are important too in my opinion. Thanks for reading this over if ya got this far!
Ask-2p-Mat Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
kay thank you very much~ you're are accepted just give me a little time and i'll contact you when you're in danke so much :iconus-xdplz:
AskArianaJones Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks a lot c: :iconchibifranceplz:
hetalialuvr46 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Country Name:Transylvania

Real Name: Alice Crina



Skin:Slightly Tan

pets/ special items: A black wolf with green eyes named Axel and an assasin equipment.

family(if any): Romania(older brother)

crush(we don't do main pairings but I will do character x oc but don't get mad when someone else is with that character. ):Prussia

Personality: Usually calm and serious, follows the way of a samurai, and will do anything to protect the ones that she loves. Can be shy around guys. She is very loyal to friends and family.

RP example: Alice looked around boredly. "There is nothing to do around this house" she said while walking around aimlessly. She walks to the library and picks out a book and sits down in a chair. She gets halfway through the book and puts a bookmark in it. She gets up and stretches and walks outside.
Ask-2p-Mat Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
hetalialuvr46 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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