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I need to do better :iconus-xdplz: but, I hope you enjoy them dude


Prussia Pocky Dance -stamp- by HokaidoPlanet :iconbtt-b: :iconbtt-t: :iconbtt-t: APH GerPru Stamp by Fannochka
~ Proud BTT and German lover


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Soooo as you all know, I suck yet I'm fabulous (somewhere there is a dimension where I make sense.....this dimension is not that one :iconbringitonplz: ) but! I have many many MANY things I'm into....and right now it's :iconavengersplz: .....ya just randomly avengers, I mean I have always loved marvel since I was like 4 or 5 bam! :iconyeahplz: buuuut its gotten out of hand like.....reading reader inserts out of hand :iconprussiasulkplz: AND OH GAWD DEM FEELS :icontableflipplz:
dat uh
Steve Rogers



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United States
Yeah so this is my page....*smirks* nothing much to say about me other than if you mess with me or my family I will kill you! *growls and brings out jessica* so just so you get it clear heres my family~

Love- single again I'm a widow good luck getting here though it was for only one person but...she's gone.

My son- :iconrinmau: - My adopted son, he's takes after me in a lot of ways. He's a good kid but like I said he takes after me so there's not a lot to say. But if you hurt him, well lets just hope you don't

My chaton(kitty): :iconmarenbox: - yep she's human but she's my pet so don't mess with her or I'll kill you!
My sister: :iconsupergurl300: - just don't mess with her! If you want to live
my phsycho friend: :iconhetalialuvr46: - I really don't need to tell you twice don't screw with her because if she doesn't kill you first... I will
My niece: :iconask-lucymaine: - shes my niece don't touch her, don't hurt her, don't even give me a reason to think you'd hurt her!
My maid: :iconmybabyace5: - yes I recently got a maid and she's a damn good one at that. She's grown on me so I consider her family so that means mess with her and you die~!
Oliver: :iconask-2p-oliver: - you know him of course but no ones aloud to beat the shit out of him but me so don't let me catch you hurting him
My cousin: :iconxxmisery66xx: - this is just my cousin she can really take care of herself but just because I don't like people I'll still beat the hell outta ya
My mastermind: :iconmmd-askandorra: - this here is my other sister and she can come up with a plan to kill a person or torture them...makes me laugh my ass off so she comes up with the plan and I'll do the action so mess with us
My Swordsman: :iconask-zoro: - this is my swordsman friend he's apart of some other world but I don't really give a damn. I really don't have to watch this moss head because he'd cut ya in a heart beat so yeah
My Cook: :iconask-sanji: - this is my cook friend and the best damn one I've seen in a while. I keep him around he's pretty strong but I'll still kick your ass if you mess with him!
My undead guy?: :iconask-brook88: - I'm not sure about him but he's just like the last two from a different world and he's dead...but alive. Look I don't freaking know just don't mess with him because he amuses me.
My bunny: :iconninjabunny1213: - this is my bunny, just like my cat if you hurt her I'll freaking kill you. I haven't known her that long but good reason or not. Mess with her and you die
My other sister: :iconnaraku0014: - this is my new sister, thats right I got another one. Bet you didn't know but, touch her and me and her other brother will kil your ass. I won't think twice about it either.
My demon: :iconthedemoncalledsorrow: - I don't just know people from this world or 1p I know people from hell, this is my demon friend, mess with her and she might pull your soul to hell, if I don't send it there first
My Captain: :iconblackrose-wolf: - I don't pledge my loyalty to just anyone but, he makes me laugh so he's my captain. Guess you have a Canadain on your side captain Luffy

So thats much of my so called family...I'm sure you'll get the pattern. I don't do much but ask me questions I guess I'll answer them...:icon2pcanadaplz:.
2P! Canada. by TheGweny (not by me made by: TheGweny )
yes yes I am~ *smirks*

2p!Canada by Nakama95 (not by me made by: Nakama95 )

------Outside of 2p Canada ((me -w- )) --------------------
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Which Durarara!! Character Are You?
Which Durarara!! Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime

I like burgers, my country for sure *salutes* and not just because of hetalia although I am a lover of america~! I like red, white, blue, black, and silver -w- and my favorite animes are hetalia, black butler, and more that I can't remember right now. XD
Oh and this is my oc character profile I just thought it would be awesome to make him one so here he is~
And this is my dad in real life
And now One Piece XD just started reading it and I love zelda I'm a big fan! NOW RANDOM PICTURE TIME!!

Mochimerica by pluffie APH - Gilbird Icon by korkoroshi Talking Alfred by katox3 :iconsaysplz: Regret nothin beyotch!
HETALIA GIF! by LumiMoon :thumb318552007:
look at this awesome shit! I have to thank :iconseiun-hemi: for letting me put this up here. For realz guys prussia never looked so awesome ( lies he's always awesome )
In remembrance of :iconask-lili:
Question #5~ by Ask-Lili
(none of these picture I use on here were made by me they're just so funny or cool so, I didn't wanna pass on them)

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